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Youth Soccer League




Table of Contents

Rule 101.  Age Groups                                                                                                           2


Rule 102.  Team Rosters, Player Eligibility and Team Composition                                                

Section 1. Rosters                                                                                                      2

Section 2. Team Composition.                                                                                   2

Section 3.  Player Passes                                                                                          2

Section 4. Player Eligibility                                                                                         2


Rule 103.  Team Obligations

Section 1. Uniform Requirements                                                                              2

Section 2. Roster Copies and Checking of Player Passes                                        2

Section 3. Official Game Report Form                                                                       3

Section 4. Reporting Scores                                                                                      3

Section 5. Field Fees                                                                                                 3


Rule 104.  Game Information                                                                                                            

Section 1. Rules                                                                                                         3

Section 2. Game Requirements by Age Group.                                                        4

Section 3. Referee Fees                                                                                            4

Section 4. Forfeitures                                                                                                 4


Rule 105.  Substitutions                                                                                                         4


Rule 106.  Standings and Advancement                                                                               

Section 1. Team Standings                                                                                        4

Section 2. Team Advancement                                                                                  4


Rule 107.  Canceling And Terminating Games                                                                    

Section 1. Game Schedules                                                                                       4

Section 2. Game Cancellations                                                                                  4

Section 3. Game Termination                                                                                    5

Section 4. Reschedules Games                                                                                 5


Rule 108.  Fees                                                                                                                      5


Rule 109.  Fines                                                                                                                    

Section 1. Failure to Pay Referees                                                                            5

Section 2. Forfeiting a Game                                                                                     5


Rule 110.  Suspensions                                                                                                         

Section 1. Red Card Ejections                                                                                   5

Section 2. Sit Out Requirements                                                                                5

Section 3. Additional Game Suspensions                                                                  5

Section 4. Notification Of Cards Issued.                                                                    5


Rule 111.  League Administrator                                                                                            5


Rule 101.  Age Groups

            NAYSL will consist of the following age groups:

            9U    Boys and Girls    7v7

            10U  Boys and Girls    7v7

            11U  Boys and Girls    9v9

12U  Boys and Girls    9v9

13U  Boys and Girls    11v11

14U  Boys and Girls    11v11

15U  Boys and Girls    11v11

16U  Boys and Girls    11v11

17U  Boys and Girls    11v11

18U  Boys and Girls    11v11
            19U  Boys and Girls    11v11


Rule 102.  Team Rosters, Player Eligibility and Team Composition

Section 1.  Rosters

The official State Association Roster shall be used for the North Atlantic Youth Soccer League (NAYSL) play. The roster for each team is due in the League Administrator’s office by Wednesday 12:00 Noon before the first scheduled match for the team’s age group. This requirement does not change if the first game has to be rescheduled due to weather or other factors. The original submission date for rosters will not change.  


Please note: teams must adhere to the new current Club Pass Rules  Only Club Pass Players will be permitted to participate on any team in the NAYSL; club pass players are players from the same club.


Section2. Team Composition

.           For 9-10 playing 7 v 7, a maximum of 14 players may be rostered. A minimum of five (5) players constitutes a team for play.

For U11 - U12 playing 9 v 9, a maximum of 16 players may be rostered.  A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a team for play.

For U13 – 19 playing 11 v 11, a maximum of 22 players may be rostered with a maximum 18 listed and present on game day roster.

Each player listed on roster must be registered with the State Association in which he/she resides with his/her parent/guardian.


Section 3. Player Passes

Every player in the NAYSL MUST have a valid and current US Youth Soccer Player Pass.


Section 4.  Player Eligibility

An ineligible player is one who is in violation of any of the provisions within the US Youth Soccer Policies or has been otherwise suspended by action of the NAYSL administration.


Rule 103.  Team Obligations

Section 1. Uniform Requirements

Teams must wear matching color jerseys with numbers

No team, coach, manager, shall wear the logo, insignia, or other identifying mark of a non-US Youth Soccer organization on their uniforms during any League game or associated event. A manufacturer’s mark is exempted. Teams wearing such items shall either remove the mark, change uniforms to comply with this rule or forfeit the match.


Section2. Roster Copies and Checking of Player Passes

Each coach must have a copy of his/her team’s official State Association Roster and US Youth Soccer Player Passes at every game. A copy of the roster will be given to the referee. Prior to the start of the game, the referee is required to check player passes against each player and against the names on the Official State Association Roster. This requirement is not optional and a referee’s refusal to check player passes shall be immediately reported to the NAYSL Administrator following the game.


Section 3. Official Game Report

The Referee will follow the Game reporting Procedure established by the League Administrator.


Section 4.  Reporting Scores

One designated person from the WINNING team is to report the game scores. Please report scores the weekend of your games by Sunday night 11:00pm. It is suggested to report the score while with the other team before leaving the field to confirm the correct score.

Items you will need to know:

Event ID: The team contact will be given it before the season starts.

4 Digit Pin: The team contact will be given it before the season starts.

Game Number: Found on the website next to the game

Home team and Away team: Based on the website not who is hosting the game.

You have 3 options below.

1. CALL 1-904-758-0875

a. You will be prompted to enter


c. EVENT ID: based on league above

d. 4-DIGIT PIN: based on league above

e. Follow the prompts

f. Do not report Red or Yellow Cards.

g. Do not leave a message for the league at this number.


a. Go to

b. Click on Event Score


a. Download the Got Soccer app for your phone.

b. Click Got button

c. Click Event Score

If you report the score incorrectly, you have 24 hours to update it with the correct score.


Section 5.  Field Fees

Host team is responsible for any field rental and/or set-up costs associated with hosting matches.  However, if a neutral site is used then the teams using the site will equally share any rental and/or set up costs.


Rule 104.  Game Information

Section1.  Rules

Except as otherwise provided by these rules, the FIFA “Laws of the Game” apply to NAYSL games.


Section 2.  Game Requirements by Age Group

The length of games, ball size, ball weight, and ball dimensions for each age group shall be as follows:

Soccer ball requirements:

Age Group     Size     Circumference           Weight

9U - 12U         #4         25-26 inches              11-13 ounces.

13U - 19U        #5        27-28 inches              14-16 ounces.






Age Group     Game Length                       

9U                   Two 25’ halves                       

10U                 Two 25’ halves                       

11U                 Two 30’ halves                       

12U                 Two 30’ halves                       

13U                 Two 35’ halves                       

14U                 Two 35’ halves                       

15U                 Two 40’ halves                       

16U                 Two 40’ halves                       

17U                 Two 45’ halves                       

18U                 Two 45’ halves

19U                 Two 45’ halves                       


Section 3A.  Referee Fees

Age Group     Referee Fee               Asst. Referee Fee

9U-10U            $45.00                         N/A

11U-12U          $70.00                         $45.00

13U-14U         $70.00                         $45.00

15U-19U         $80.00                         $50.00


Section 3B Referee Game Assignor

Each participating State will have one certified USSF game assignor for games in that state. The assignor must be identified to the League Administrator before scheduling referees to games. A game assignment fee will be paid per game officially assigned and recorded.


Section 4.  Forfeitures

Forfeited games shall be scored as 4 – 0 win for the non-forfeiting team.


Rule 105. Substitutions

Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play. There is no limit on re-entry of a substituted player into game.


Rule 106.  Standings

Section 1.  Team Standings

A team’s standings in its division will be determined by the number of points it receives based on its win/loss record during the league season. Points will be awarded as follows:  three (3) points for a win; one (1) point for a tie; and zero (0) points for a loss.


            9U & 10U Age Groups are non-results oriented brackets/divisions.


Rule 107.  Canceling and Terminating Games

Section 1. Game Schedules

The game schedule will be determined and approved by the Administrator before the start of the season and will be published on the website. No changes will be made to the schedule within 72 hours of a scheduled game. No game can be rescheduled without the permission of the Administrator.


Section 2.  Game Cancellations

No game may be canceled except for inclement weather or other act of God. If there is inclement weather or other act of God, the home team’s League Contact Person shall immediately contact the League Administrator for approval to cancel. If the League Administrator is not available, then the Contact Person shall leave a message and the circumstances regarding the inclement weather or act of God, and the game is then canceled without the League Administrator’s approval.





Section 3. Game Termination

Once a referee has jurisdiction of a game, the game may only be terminated by the referee as provided for in the FIFA Laws of the Game. If a game is terminated before the second half of the game is begun, and the termination is not due to the conduct of one of the teams, the game shall be replayed in its entirety.  If a game is terminated after play has begun in the second half of the game, but before the end of the second half and the termination is not due to the conduct of one of the teams, the game is considered complete, and the score will stand. If a game is terminated because of the conduct of one team, the offending team shall be awarded a 0-4 loss.


Section 4. Reschedules or Games

The League Administrator shall reschedule a canceled or terminated game (not due to the misconduct of a team) as soon as possible. The Administrator may decide not to reschedule a game.


Rule 108.   Fees

            Section 1 Payment will be made through the registration link by credit card or E-check.


Rule 109.  Fines

Section 1.  Failure to Pay Referees

A team that fails to pay its referee fees will be fined $250.


Section 2.  Forfeiting a Game

Any team forfeiting a game will be fined $250 and will also have to pay the entire referee fee of the forfeited game. Forfeitures will be scored as 4-0 for the non-forfeiting team.


Rule110.  Suspensions

Section 1.  Red Card Ejections

A player is suspended for at least one game if they receive a red card (ejection) or 2 yellow cards in the same game that results in a red card (ejection). A coach will be suspended for at least one game if he (she) is removed from the game by the referee.  Any coach or player cited for Referee Assault and Abuse will be referred to the

League Administrator, and possibly their State Association for adjudication.


Section 2.  Sit Out Requirements

A player or coach receiving a suspension in a game other than the final match must sit out the next NAYSL League game(s).  


Section 3 Additional Game Suspensions

A player or coach may be suspended for more than one game if the NAYSL League administration considers the offense one that should have more than a one-game suspension.


Section 4.  Notification of Cards Issued

The League Administrator will notify the appropriate State Association of all cards given.


Rule 111.  League Administrator

The Administrator has complete authority over any disciplinary matter arising out of League play including suspension and fines when considered appropriate.  In unusual cases, with extenuating circumstances, a team can appeal a decision to the NAYSL Appeals/Hearing Officer when accompanied by a $500 appeal fee.  Only if the appeal is upheld will the fee be returned to the appellant.

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